It’s Just Good Sense To Know Where Your Food Comes From

know where your food comes from

We live in an age of food abundance — an abundance of choices as to what to eat, where to eat and where to shop for our favourite food.

Lately, in an encouraging trend that looks to stay, many are turning to healthier food choices.

People we know — family, friends, loved ones — are consciously choosing more fresh produce or organic produce, from seafood, poultry, grains and especially, fruits and vegetables.

Some choose to cook or prepare their own food, some choose to minimise cooking of raw ingredients to get maximum nutrients out of their greens, grains or produce, where applicable.

Moreover, living through a viral pandemic has made us all more acutely aware of how necessary it is for all of us to stock up and load up on vegetables and fruits for improved body immunity. Fruits and vegetables help us build and sustain a strong immune system, which is crucial protection in times of unprecedented health crises.

But choosing the best, and the right, fruits and vegetables can be challenging.

While some may insist on pesticide-free or chemical-free vegetables, others may be unaware that some of their favourite vegetables — from kailan, mushrooms, broccoli or spinach — may not be as fresh as they look on the chiller shelf at the local store or big-box grocer.

As much as we like to pride ourselves in picking up a plastic-wrapped packet of sprouts or mushrooms and think our eyes can tell us how fresh they are, there’s more we can know.

For instance, do we know where those mushrooms were farmed, when were they planted and harvested, who planted them and how long ago they were packed?

As much as we trust our shops and retailers to provide us fresh produce, sometimes it makes better sense to be able to find out quickly where our beloved and favourite greens come from.


JustGood Roots Vegetable Are Traceable

At JustGood, the QR code on all the produce that come from the JustGood family of farms, tells you exactly what you need to know.

A simple scan of the QR code on all JustGood produce tells you exactly when the produce was planted, when it was harvested, at which farm and even, the name of the farmer.

This is because, not only is transparency one of the fundamental principles in the JustGood family, but also, the guarantee of freshness for you, the consumer.

JustGood takes freshness seriously, which is why we insist on the QR code.

The QR code tells you that the produce you’re buying and holding in your hands, is freshly harvested at a farm less than 60km away from Kuala Lumpur.

The JustGood produce with the QR code gives you the information, and more importantly, the assurance, that the packet of produce is harvested at a JustGood farm the same day, which means, it doesn’t get fresher than that.

The JustGood produce is not stored in a warehouse but freshly harvested at the farm and delivered straight to our JustGood store.

It’s as fresh as if you had picked it yourself at the farm.

Did we forget to mention all the produce under the JustGood family of farms are chemical pesticide-free? How good does that feel knowing you’re not consuming unwanted chemicals?

That’s the JustGood promise. Freshness and safety every time, each time, all the time.