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In alignment with our values, we have formed a consumer centric grocer operations team. The JustGood Grocer team is made up of experienced professional and staff who are trained in moving goods safely, precisely, and quickly, with special attention to food safety, traceability, and freshness.

Quality & Freshness

We source and carefully select quality products and fresh produce. Goods received at our warehouse go through numerous checkpoints where our competent staff examine and re-examine fresh produce to ensure that they comply to highest quality standards. Goods that do not meet those standards are categorically rejected.

Technology Rooted

The JustGood Grocer is entirely online based, and that being the case, we give special attention to ensuring that every order is precisely fulfilled and on-time. Our warehouse is supported with technological devices and systems that help our pickers and packers process your orders accurately, ensuring that we deliver what you purchase correctly.

Food Safety and Cleanliness

Food safety and cleanliness sit at the top of our priority list. Our warehouse is designed to separate and compartmentalise goods to ensure food is stored safely. Our dedicated team of professionals and staff are trained to handle food in the like. Over and above, we periodically perform deep cleaning and sanitization to maintain cleanliness of our grocer warehouse.

Environmentally Responsible

Our team is dedicated to contributing towards the sustainability of our environment and we do our part by minimising the use of plastic packaging. Our farm-to-fork vegetables are packed in recyclable kraft bags, and all orders that we fulfil are only packed in paper bags or boxes.
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JustGood Logistics

We operate and maintain our own logistics team. The JustGood logistics team is a comprehensive fleet made up individuals, trucks, vans, and motorbikes structured to support our farms, grocer, and meals divisions. While excellent customer service is engrained in our culture, we consecutively prioritise transporting food safely, efficiently, and effectively.
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First Mile Delivery Trucks

JustGood chiller trucks are equipped to transport fresh produce while always maintaining that essential low temperature to ensure fresh produce is kept chilled at every mile. Our drivers use these trucks to transport fresh produce from our farms and our partner farms to our grocer warehouse.

Last Mile Delivery Crew

The JustGood vans and riders are the last leg in the food journey. They transport your purchases from our warehouse to your homes within a 50 km radius. Our crew is trained to keep your goods safe and clean, and they are committed to delivering on-time.
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