Our Story

Re-Bridging the Human-Food Relationship


A movement to shorten the journey from farm-to-fork in order to improve food quality and traceability


Our story is deeply rooted in the pursuit to make safe food accessible to all, because it has become extremely challenging for us know what we are consuming.

Historically, humankind had a very close relationship with food on the grounds that we either foraged, grew or hunted the food we ate. Our lifestyles have drastically changed since then, and we have become increasingly detached and further uninformed about the origins of our food, and with widespread use of pesticides and additives in the agricultural industry, our health is jeopardised as a result.

JustGood is about re-bridging the human-food relationship and promoting living healthy through food. To realise this enormous aspiration, we have built Smart Farms that harvest vegetables that are fresh, safe, pesticide-free, effortlessly traceable, and increasingly affordable.

Smart Farms

Our smart farms, and those of our partners, comprise of technology to ensure that every stage of the food journey is transparent and traceable. Through transparency, we are therefore accountable to our consumers to ensure that our vegetables are fresh, clean, nutritious and safe to eat.

Sustainable Responsible Collaboration

We grasp the magnitude of what we are trying to do. The likelihood for our success requires a collective effort, which is why we partner with ethical-responsible food producers who share the same values we do. We believe through sustainable and responsible collaboration with our farmers, we can build a sustainable food network.

First to Last Mile

The fresh-produce journey begins at the farm, but it doesnโ€™t end there. There is transportation, storage and distribution to consider, and in the case of our JustGood meals, food preparation. To ensure food safety from first to last mile, we have unprecedently pulled together food producers, farmers, distributors, suppliers, nutritionists, and chefs to team up with us - in doing so, safe food has become a reality for many.

The Challenge

As with any big feat, the journey is undoubtedly challenging, but we are committed to bring transparency to the food value chain, increase the range of our produce, and extend ourselves to many more Malaysians. We are not afraid of challenges - if anything, it fuels our focus to do things bolder and better.

A Rare Breed

We are the first collective driven organisation in Malaysia to make safe food available for many.
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JustGood Farm
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