Introducing our Takami Melon

Locally grown by modern Malaysian farmers, unbelievably juicy and delicious!
Takami melons are known for its succulent, green jade-like flesh and extremely sweet flavour. You’ve never tasted anything like the Takami melon before and that’s because we’ve imported the best seeds from Japan and cultivated them with love in our greenhouse in Malaysia. Our melons are grown indoors in a controlled environment to provide the finest conditions for growth. Since they’re grown indoors, we tediously hand-pollinate healthy, mature male and female flowers to significantly improve fruit quality and get the best yield.

Local food is miles better
Grown locally, our melons are part of a sustainable supply chain, traveling fewer food miles than their imported cousins. Our smart greenhouse can grow melons that thrive in foreign conditions and climates by controlling all aspects of the environment including water, temperature, fertiliser, and nutrients.

Tasting notes
Exceptionally juicy and exquisitely fragrant with a light, floral aroma. Serve as a refreshing appetiser with other fruits, cheeses, and chocolates, use them in smoothies, or just snack on them raw.


RM 95

Tended by professional growers

Cultivated in a controlled environment

Absolutely no harmful chemical pesticides

 Finest quality and taste

Happiness and satisfaction guaranteed

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