Your Choice Today Is Doing More Good Than You Realise

Your Choice Today Is Doing More Good Than You Realise

It’s no secret, for those of us plugged into the news and aware of how our daily decisions impact the world around us, that social and environmental sustainability need our collective help. The smallest gesture can go a long way.

For years, many of us have eschewed the use of plastic, making sensible choices to use our own shopping bags when we buy things.

At JustGood, we take the commitment to a plastic-free future even further by using paper bags or carton boxes when we deliver our groceries and meals to you.

That’s us doing our part for environmental sustainability, so when you shop at JustGood, you are doing your part, too, in saying ‘NO’ to practices that harm our environment.

We at JustGood don’t stop at just refusing to use plastic in bagging our groceries to you.

We take sustainability seriously, so when you’re buying at JustGood, know that your support becomes a supporting gesture in multiple ways.

Let us tell you how you’re doing more good than you realise.

When you buy fresh produce from JustGood, you are getting fresh, chemical pesticide-free produce from the collective of local farmers who run partner farms under the JustGood network.

This means when you buy any quantity of the 10 crops produced at these farms, you are helping to sustain the livelihood of these local farmers.

What’s more, these crops are grown and harvested using Smart Precision Farming methods gleaned from technical know-how that we in the JustGood family take pains to learn, collect, cultivate and nurture.

And talking about nurturing, each purchase of JustGood produce contributes to the culture of excellence we build and practise.

All JustGood farms are no more than 60km away from Kuala Lumpur, which means the highland produce is as fresh as can be, grown in lowland areas in controlled environments.

The research, effort and dedication that JustGood consistently provides to its partner farms and farmers, shows impact through the farming practices by these JustGroup farmers.

Every bunch of green goodness and kilo of produce these local farms harvest, bought and consumed by you, has been grown and nurtured using the best technology and practices imparted by JustGood’s experts and specialists.

What’s more, when you buy fresh, locally-grown and harvested produce, you are doing your bit for our domestic economy.

Did you know agriculture contributes over RM100 billion to Malaysia’s GDP? The produce we buy daily goes towards almost 30% of the country’s GDP.

So, when you buy local mushrooms or fresh greens at JustGood, you are not only buying freshness obtained from fertile Malaysian hydroponic ponds or soil, but you are also giving our farmers the reason to keep the farm going yet another morning and another day.

It doesn’t stop there.

At JustGood, the ecosystem is designed to reduce the supply chain. This simply means we help bring what’s from the farm, directly to your table.

With this shorter supply chain, our farmers are no longer at the mercy of middlemen or brokers who pay these farmers very little, while bumping prices, as the produce is on its way to a retail outlet near you.

What you pay often goes towards others’ pockets while what’s left goes back to the farmer.

So when you buy JustGood produce, you do so with the peace of mind that there is price stability for the produce, and the farmers are paid what their hard work and dedication deserves.

That’s you doing your part for social sustainability — helping our local farms thrive and not just survive, when we buy local produce.

Every decision matters, and every act or gesture, no matter how small, makes a big impact. We in the JustGood family have built this collective effort on the fundamental principle that environmental and social sustainability matter.

And you, the consumer, matters to us, too. So we’re giving you the chance to do good with us, every day.

We take care of you with fresh, ethically-produced goodness, and you are helping us take care of our farmers and our environment. That’s more than just doing good — it’s all of us taking care of each other in the long run.